Our Portfolio.

Direct and Institutional Investments:

Hines Global Management (HGM) | website

Partnering with a global coalition of leading Pacific vessel operators and other strategic Investors, HGM represents the largest US shareholder in the leading US Flag distant water fishing Fleet operating in the Western Pacific. Today, operating under the "Global Companies” managed by South Pacific Tuna Company, the investment represents 12 Super Seiners with an annual harvest of approximately 100,000 tons valued at $200,000,000.00. With a NPV of $13-$15 Million per vessel, the assets have a gross value in excess of $160,000,000. HGM has direct role in the support and oversight of government relations along with strategic development of the fleet and its future growth.

Atlantic Natural Foods, LLC | website

The leading manufacturer of canned analog meatless “meat style” protein products with a target profile of high in protein, low in fat, and completely meat-free. The business was acquired in 2009 from Bumble Bee/Castleberry and has been a dedicated producer to Kellogg under the Worthington and Loma Linda brands. In 2011, this niche operation, located in Nashville, NC, began to develop new products that respond to future dynamics in providing meat-free alternatives to canned protein, which will be available in 2013. The development of these food products establishes ANF as a platform for high quality, valued protein into the future.

H & M Management Group, LLC | website

H&M; was created for engagement primarily in Hawaii, the West Coast and the Pacific. Today, its holdings include high-end residential properties, as well as an investment in Fleetwood’s on Front Street, an upscale restaurant concept in Lahaina, Maui. This allows the H&M; Management Group to show continued support of its activities in the Pacific. The group intends to increase its land holdings in 2013 and will continue to review unique opportunities.
ND Limited Management, LLC

ND Limited Management, LLC (NDLM) | web page

NDLM is a property developer targeting mid-to high-end properties in middle markets. Inception projects have been identified in Tennessee and Louisiana; the development process in these areas will begin in 2013. NDLM will continue to review other opportunities targeting these two growth markets.


Seedrs | website

Seedrs is the leading European platform for discovering and investing in great startups. The company provides a straightforward, transparent process for entrepreneurs to raise early-stage capital for their businesses from friends, family and independent investors, as well as for individuals to invest online in the shares of startups they choose. Seedrs is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK.

San Diego Public Relations :: Intesa Communications Group

Intesa Communications Group, LLC | website

Intesa Communications Group is a full service public relations firm with offices in San Diego & Washington, D.C., providing strategic counsel to clients nationwide.

Stonewall Kitchen

Stonewall Kitchen | website

Stonewall Kitchen is a retailer and marketer of unique food and specialty culinary products. Located in historic Maine, the company markets its wares through its specialty stores in New England, via retail outlets across the United States, and online.

In addition to its active portfolio, AFT holds passive investments, including:


Flowvella | website

AFT Holdings, Inc announced today it has concluded an initial investment into Flowvella, a technology company founded by Brent Brookler that is in the initial stages of introducing presentation software.

“The Flowvella team had been building mobile apps for clients like CBS News and Beyonce., key projects being 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, CNET News and several other iPad, iPhone and Android apps for big brands. With specializing content driven, interactive, apps and realized they were building an engaging platform t0 present ideas, products and stories with Flowvella to create a new business focusing on the larger opportunity to build the best possible product in this growing space”
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